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Form I9 Employment Eligibility Verification Services are offered as a Non-Notary Service.

Our Form I9 services assist employers with Form I9 Employment Eligibility Verification for remote hires. To contract services for Form I‐9 Employment Eligibility Verification review and completion:

Employers must complete the “Designation As Authorized Representative” contract and return it via email, fax or mail. Click here to download Authorized Representative contract.

Basic fee for form I9 Services start at $85.00. Final fee is determined by travel distance and number of employee verifications.

Basic fee:

Basic fee covers meeting the employee at local address in Schertz, reviewing the required identification, completing page 2 of the form I9 provided by the employer or employee.
Basic fee does not include making copies, providing documents, forwarding documents, or travel fee.
If the employee wants to meet at a different location (outside of Schertz), then there will be an additional travel fee.
The employee will have to be responsible for making copies of his identification I have no means to do this.
If I am required to send completed paper originals to employer there will be an additional fee charged.
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